Road cyclists will find uncounted opportunities around Langenlois to really exert themselves. You can start off in all four directions, and the tours offer different levels of difficulty and climbs. Road traffic is within limits even when riding towards St. Pölten, the capital of Lower Austria, as you can take many side roads. But see for yourself!

Kleine 3-Täler-Runde
Small but nice, as they say – you will add up an impressive amount of altitude metres on a short tour.

Große 3-Täler-Runde
Follow the Krems Valley, take the climb to Gföhl, roll down into the Kamp Valley and ride through the Strass valley back to Langenlois.

On this tour, flat sections are something of a rarity.

This is the tour for “true climbers”.

An extensive tour to the North up to Retz.

Waldviertler Tour
Nomen est omen!